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Ginger in Montenegro: she climbs the mountains and not only the mountains

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Ginger in Montenegro: she climbs the mountains and not only the mountains

Being awake these days has so many different meanings.

To wake up.

To wake up with a new day.

To wake up in relationships.

To wake up from my own dreams, that is the biggest trap I’ve ever been in.

To wake up from the misapprehension.

From falling in love. Because you should not fall anywhere.

From lukewarmness.

And then, after all that, to wake for real.

Oh, how many mornings I needed until I actually opened my soul. Only so I can see it. It was as all the world’s veils hid my gaze from the core and as if I had to remove the layer by layer.

How many cities, how many mountains, how many nights to close your eyes.

How many moments to open them.

And now I’m here.

Preparing the most delicious food I ever tasted, just before reaching the highest point of Mount. Durmitor.

Oh solitude, my sweetest choice.

I am a woman. All by myself in the very heart of this beautiful mountain and no, I can’t write. Every word I knew is lost in translation somewhere between the mountain breeze and this little heart of mine that I’m trying to save from the world below.

I would trade all those good restaurants, the flattering gentlemen and the smiles under which you can never tell what is hiding for one moment like this. Eye to eye, heart to heart with my mountain.

Actually, that’s exactly what I am doing now. Never supported escaping. Then… escaped.

The lesson I learned this time was that you have to recognize when the lesson is no longer a lesson, but simply a torture.

I love lessons. All my life I’m passing them, I’ve made a friend out of my enemy. But then I realized I have to pay attention to the crossings. Shades. It was not easy. But when you are in a deep shit, I beg your pardon, you have to know if this is the shit in which you have to swim. Because sometimes it’s there … only to swim in, which is not the point. The point is to get out of it and to see from the new, fragrant perspective why you were swimming.

That’s why my today’s message for you is: stop drowning in shit.

The shitty lesson is not good. And take the lead. Even if at that moment it seems like you surrender. Those are not lessons, those are impediments.

No, the civilization and the society in which you live are a big nonsense ( human stupidity is the only thing that is infinite in this little universe) and if you think that you are doing well in it, doesn’t mean that you are really doing well.

Until you enforce your rules for your own life, it’s not good. It’s someone else’s.

And until you realize that freedom is the only thing you should strive for, it’s not good. It’s not freedom.

I know what I’m talking about.

I’ve been working a lot on my waking and Mother Nature and traveling helped me more than anything else. But I wouldn’t be able to climb the tops or travel to the African tribes if I was listening to anyone around me. I had to listen to my heart. That was the only right choice.

Here in the mountains, thousands of meters away from anything that could stop me, I can grow without being interrupted.

I climbed the highest peak of Durmitor alone.

Rafted through the deepest canyon in Europe.

Passed only with my bare feet through the last canyon discovered on this continent.

Jumped from the highest bridge I ever saw.

And that was just the beginning.

Being a woman who conquers the streets of those wonderful cities in the high heels and beautiful gown is even more interesting when under ladylike appearance you are a lioness.

It’s nice to be just a woman sometimes.

But it’s even nicer to be a super woman.

To be the stunning little beast.

To choose the lessons tailored with your measures.

And peaks.

And freedom.

Freedom can only be absolute.

And you can live only once.

Only one sentence can be added after each story has ever been told.

’’And then she died.’’

Make sure you did the life well.